Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Cole's 1st Birthday and other pics

yes, we did it again, our son has survived one entire year of life. Actually, since most of you know and have commented on how good i am at blogging, I am happy to report that he has now survived almost 14 months! Which might not seem like a big feat to some of you, but not everyone is blessed with our special abilities to kill a plant in a week(happpened more times than I can count) and to drown a fish (Yes....dont doubt me, it is possible). here are the long awaited pics from his belated Bday party and his cotton candy banana split (he is in food trials not for bananas) as you can see, he is not too sure about this!
I guess the kid who has never had sugar doesn't really appreciate cotton candy! Sorry cole, I tried.
Here is Cole's "cake" or cotton candy banana split!

Cole is "SO BIG"


M+J said...

The banana split turned out so cute! What a great mom you are, Missy!

Cole is ADORABLE doing the "So Big" routine. What a cutie.


Angie said...

You're right, Cole does look like he belongs in my family. He's really cute. So can I credit our "you really need to update your blog" conversation, to your blog update?

Rebekah said...

he is so cute! you need to write me sometime and tell me all about your life!

james n mary said...

OMG it has been FOREVER if Cole is that BIG! awww i miss seeing you missy!!!

Johnston*family said...

Hey how are you all? Your kids are getting so big. I'm glad I found your blog, don't ask me how, but some how BAM there it was...
I'm happy you had a boy! He is so cute, just like your girls. I bet Paul was happy. His birthday split is a fun idea.
Well, I dont know what else to say. I just wanted to drop one of our most favorite ex-neighbors a quick note. Keep up the blogging, your kids are too cute not to show them off!