Sunday, February 7, 2010

Moments that remind you that you are a good mom

So today after church, I get the kids home, get Cole fed and down for a nap, and then try to get everyone ready for a nap (we have a had a few sleepless nights lately, sick kids, cars, etc). then I proceed to feed my girls lunch, as soon as Telise is done eating I hear bickering, whining, you know, all of those things us moms love to hear. I march the exhausted --can never catch up on her sleep since she needs more sleep than anyone, but is the oldest--girl right to here bed. Then my angel, Paityn (I say angel to counteract paul's nickname for her, Saityn) turns to me as politely as possible and with manners rarely seen to ask for more food. For those of you who know Paityn, she will eat forever if that means not having to sleep, who are we kidding, the girl would eat forever if you let her. I wanted to reward her for her good manners, but not prolong the stalling. So I grabbed a cookie from a bag that a friend gave us yesterday and handed it to her to reward the great behavior. What a great mom I am, she spoke nicely and I thanked her.....oh but wait.
I did the lunch dishes while she ate the cookie, and then she started crying and said her mouth hurt. I looked at she ever so slightly larger than normal lips and then read the ingredients from the cookie bag. Pecans, why not, shouldn't pecans be in pepperidge farms butter cookies? So, I made her chug the benadryl. Wow, do i have mom skills or what?
I taught Paityn a great lesson today, USE YOUR MANNERS, GET AN ALLERGIC REACTION. Don't worry Paityn, I will teach you to say please, whether you like it or not!

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