Sunday, November 8, 2009

Halloween 2009


Storm from Xmen

and Dash! sorry, you'll have to tilt your head, I am not putting a lot of time into my blogging lately (pretty obvious ince I haven't blogged since January), but I will have a nice photo book done by the end of the year..

I made storm and dash, but bought cant do it all.

more blogs to come

This is Meggie's halloween costume...Very few people at the dance knew what she was----even though she swore that the reason paul and I didn't recognize her was our "generational gap". This is what she wore to meet the man of her dreams at a dance. The next day at church, boys were like "what meghan, you were there? what were you?" and when they heard who she was they said, "oh, we wondered who that girl was". No wonder, and because of this, I started the list on my blog: Reasons why Meghan doesn't have a man.

You might think I am a mean sister, but I waited for permission and the second she wants it taken down (or the second she gets a man), I will remove it. But until then, enjoy!


Tara said...

Whoa I thought you had disappeared from the blogging world! ;)

Chambers said...

What is Meghan, one of those iPod shadow girls? You never did say. I am so glad to see a post on here finally. I'll call you soon :)

Megawhale said...
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Megawhale said...

Missy, The pictures don't do them justice; they were much cuter in real life!

Yup, I was an "Ipod silhouette person". Here's the whole story if you're curious:

Marissa said...

Fun to see the pictures - very impressed you made 2 costumes - I ordered them all!

Mel said...

I am glad to have contributed to one of the reasons Meggie! Scarf or table runner?

Steph said...

i just noticed that i am not on your blog roll. ...offended.

hlmortensen said...

Cute post! Your kids are darling. I am sure you are busy as a bee! ;) Hope you are doing well.
Heidi ;)